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The irony in how you feel about this photograph stems from the fact that it is making your feel pretty dirty when it comes to your thoughts. You shouldn’t feel dirty though. You can have the same thoughts about caressing Tabby’s tiny tits and pinching her hard nipples, but there is no need to feel like they are dirty. Tiny Tabby is barely legal which means you can have all of the dirty thoughts about molesting her youthful body and they would still be clean.

After soaping up her little boobies it is time to wash her tight pussy. You will be surprised at how tight her pussy is. Getting two fingers into her tight hole requires some effort and some patience. Go slow as you don’t want to hurt her thereby screwing your chances of loosening her up enough to take the width of your hard cock.

Once you have worked your way up to three fingers it is time to use your thumbs to massage her clit as you pump her pussy and pinch her nipples. Between the pleasure between her legs and the pain in her nipples Tabby can’t decide is she should cum now and stop her nipple pain, or keep going longer because you are making her pussy feel so-so good!

Soon the pleasure she is feeling makes her decision for her and Tiny Tabby grips both sides of the tub to steady herself as waves of warmth emulate from her pussy, flowing throughout her body. Her eyes shut tight and her mouth opens wide. Tabby moans so loud you wonder if the neighbors are going to call the cops. You now have to decide whether you are going to end her orgasm early or keep it going while you enjoy controlling her every move like a puppeteer.

Tabby is like an epicenter of lust. Boys, men, bi-curious girls and lesbian women can’t control themselves in her presence. Lucky for everyone she is a nympho maniac. This little nymph can’t get enough sex to completely satisfy herself. Think about doing calisthenics because Tiny Tabby likes to go all night long.

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Can you believe this little girl’s parents left her home all alone. They figured she was barely legal and old enough to fend for herself. And they were right. What they didn’t know is that all of the men in her neighborhood were the ones at a disadvantage. Emily 18 took advantage of every last one of them!

Along with her small tits that fit perfectly into your hands Emily has a bubble butt that fits perfectly into your psyche. It will melt your heart at it’s core. Without doing anything out of the ordinary Emily is able to cast a spell on your that will ensnare you and more you do things you never thought yourself capable of.


Guys that would never cheat on their wives find themselves buying her gifts. Emily has a saying that goes something like, it isn’t cheating if you don’t tell. What a coy little nymph she is!

Enjoy weekly updates and everything in her archives. If you think Emily 18 looks young now, wait until you see what she used to look like five years ago!

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