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teen caught masturbating on the bathroom counter

When I saw this photo of a girl next door hunched over on the bathroom counter it reminded me of the day I caught my own sister in the same position. She had shaved her pussy completely bare. It looked so nubile. Like the way it looked when we used to take baths together. Only this time she had perky little boobs.

Anyway, she was obviously rubbing her clit and feeling a bit randy. She didn’t noticed I had come into the bathroom until she had executed several strokes in front of me. She knew she was caught. She was willing to do anything to keep me from telling on her. I had her and she knew it.

I pushed her shoulder back up so her back was against the wall so I could play with her breasts. She didn’t say anything or move. She was like a deer in headlights. Next I pulled her hands away from her crotch so I could see her shave job. I told her she looked amazing. So beautiful. Like a wild flower. A smile barely broke the plain of her tight lips, but faded instantly when I grabbed her by her boney knees and swung her to face me.

Once I had my sister facing me I pulled her knees up until her little fanny slid on the slippery counter top enough that she was laying down on her back with her legs in the air. Her head was propped up by the mirror. Her beaver was open and exposed to me completely. Before ducking down to kiss her pussy I noticed her perky breasts sitting spritely on her chest. No sag even while lying on her back!

My tongue touched my sister’s clitty with brute force. I was in no mood to take things slowly. She flinched at the sudden intensity of my twitching tongue. I brought it down to her pussy hole and shoved it all the way inside as far as it would go. She was very tight. Possibly still a virgin, though her hymen was already broken. She was a total tomboy so she probably broke it climbing a tree without even knowing it.

I opened my mouth wide enough to cover her entire cunt while I lightly sucked on her vulva and clitty. Instinctively she grab my head with both hands to direct my movements towards what felt best to her. After about a minute of this I was dialed in to exactly what she preferred. She was in heaven with her brother sucking on her pussy. Was I her first?

Before she could manage to cum I ripped myself out of her hold on me. Her eyes burst open. She had a look on her face as if I had just tortured her favorite Barbie.

Standing up I whipped out my now rock hard cock. She reached down to block her pussy hole, but I pulled her hands away and thrust my cock into her. My sister’s pussy was very tight and very wet. The inside was so soft, yet textured in such a way that my entire cock felt like it was on heroin. She stopped fighting me and wrapped her long skinny legs around my hips.

To thrust harder and faster I grabbed my sister’s tiny hips and pulled her closer to the edge of the counter. My balls flapped against her ass cheeks while my cock head punched through her vagina. Her breathing became labored as she began to moan louder and louder. Suddenly she grabbed my arms as her pussy got super tight. She was cumming. I tried fighting off my own orgasm, but it was impossible. My sperm burst into her cervix. Our bodies ground into each other as beads of sweat dripped off of my chin to join the sweat that had collected on her little pulsating tummy.

For weeks we continued to sweat together. Only then it was because we were afraid she might be pregnant with my baby. Once she had her period we wasted no time doing it again and again. But we started using condoms when she was close to ovulating. This went on for about two years until we both hooked up with other people at the same time.

On family reunions we will makeout while massaging each other to orgasm to this day. We don’t fuck anymore, but we did it plenty of times enough to give me some solid memories!

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samll tits blonde girl getting massage mobile porn download

Ever since 2007 large tube sites like XNXX and XVideos have been dominating how people watch porn. These sites have one major flaw though. Many of them aren’t taking mobile users seriously enough. In fact, many of them actually sell their mobile traffic to the highest bidder leaving mobile users to wonder why they cannot connect to their favorite tubes from their cell phones. That is all changing now.

The change is being spearheaded by quality mobile porn tubes where users can view porn videos that have been re-encoded with mobile playback in mind. Many of these sites allow users to stream or download free mobile porn.

Mobile porn tubes that allow streaming frequently work with all cell phone operating systems. Even the big tubes often are not compatible with iPhones because they are still using Flash to deliver their video streaming. Take a look at these free mobile porn videos from your iOS enabled device to see what I am talking about.

With the world wide web switching to mobile friendly layouts and video encoding technologies you could say that the porn world is now all about pocket porn. The next time you are looking for quality porn on your cell phone make sure to use one of the newer mobile tubes dedicated to making your mobile life easier!

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pierced nymph teen posts her selfies on dating sites

Making comments about the recent trend in teen selfies dating site owner Allan Henning spoke at an adult webmaster event. His comments were mainly positive and upbeat about the situation. On his dating sites the selfies were creating a buzz among members. In the beginning the majority of members were apprehensive about all of the nudity. But then his dating empire is born out of sex dating so nudity wouldn’t be much of a shocker on a site catering to booty calls.

Overtime the members seemed to take to the new trend with many of the MILFs who were initially the most outspoken against it now taking part as if nothing was said. In fact, they are really creating the most buzz. Guys of all ages are really taking to the mature women putting themselves out there like they are. Again, is anybody really that surprised by this? Men flocked to the nude MILF calendar some cancer survivors put out years ago. It is as if people have forgotten about the existence of the term, "Hey, mother, want another?"

No matter how this all pans out one thing is for sure. You are missing out on a lot of good teen selfies if you aren’t a member of Amateur Match!

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