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If you’ve ever been to more than one Adult dating site, you probably are going to be scratching your head. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “how the fuck do these sex finder websites make money?” Now, I can’t say I blame you. I mean, a lot of these Find&fuck sites actually deliver pussy. Seriously. There are women there who are ready, willing and eager to jump on your bones. Those are the kinds of chicks these fuckfinder sites attract. These local sex sites really live up to their billing.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are tons of adult dating sites that would tell you that they attract tons of chicks and that you would get action, but guess what? The only thing that you hear is crickets. They’re dead silent websites because there are no real women there.

Thankfully, there are a handful of Find&fuck sites out there that are the real deal. They walk their talk. So provided that reality, and provided the fact that most of these websites are completely free, how the hell do they make money?

Most guys probably wouldn’t think about this. In many cases, a lot of guys think, well, as long as they deliver the pussy, I don’t really care. Well, that is very short-sighted of you because you need to get a clear understanding of how these websites make money so you can do your part in supporting them.

Remember, sites like are bringing pussy to the table. If you turn a blind eye to how they sustain their operations, that steady and nice flow of vagina is probably going to dry up. Do you see how this works? So do yourself a big favor and inform yourself regarding the monetization strategies of these websites so you can do your part in ensuring that these websites stick around.

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